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Web Development Tools Preferred by Web Developers

July 20, 2014

A website should always be designed in a way that people who visit the site will want to visit more. This includes the right colors and images as well as genuine and quality content that would be useful and beneficial for the internet users. And more than that, a greatly developed website also includes a well-optimized one which can rank on the top of the different search engine’s lists. It could be a real pain to do especially if you have no idea how to start. In this case, you can trust this issue to the experts like the Altamira Online. If you want to try developing your own website though, you can make your life easier by knowing the different web development tools that most developers make use of and be familiarize on how to use them. And though it may not make you a genius in web development and would not really be responsible for the website-making proper, these tools will be big help in making sure you did the things needed for the interface of your website.

Most of the web development tools simply let developers know if there are problems in the construction of the entire website. Some of these tools are offered to the public for free while some require a little fee to subscribe to their services. You can use some tools before the development-proper, while developing the website and finally for post-production testing. Experts like Altamira web knows how to make the most out of these tools and when to use them but you can also try them.

Since the web pre-development tasks are more than the actual web development-proper, enough researching should be made. Some web pre-development tools are "WhatTheFont" and Font Burner. These tools allow you to scout and have access to more fonts you can use for your website. If you are searching for an icon for your website then you can use Icon Finder. If you have issues with colors and need access on which ones are complimentary then Color Lovers and "Colorzilla" can be used. For the development proper of the website, one of the most useful tool is the CSS Sprite Generator. Though it could be hard for you to use it, this tool allows uploads and downloads of files easier and more convenient. For the post-development of the website, you can make use of Browser Shots which allows you to view your site to different platforms and browsers so as to know how your site appears in varied browsers and platforms.

These are only some of the tools you can use. One click of your mouse will give you access to more tools in the internet world